Thursday, October 25, 2012

Matte Me CRAZY!

So as I stated in the about me section I just got into the nail polish world this year and with that I'm still learning about all the trends and tricks of the game, so while I might be a little behind on the matted nails trend. I first learned about matted nails on one of my favorite nail blogs The Daily Varnish. Author Alli had blogged about Kate Beckinsale's nails on the red carpet premiere of  Total Recall, (check it out here ). needless to say I was all for it and began my search for a matte top coat. To my surprise all the matte coats I could find were $8 and up, I was a little bummed until another nail polish junkie told be her bf bought her a bottle of NYC Matte Coat for less than $2!!! My search was once again on, and it took me a while before  I found a bottle hiding in the back of the display case in my local Walmart for $1.72 (before taxes) and I was over the moon. So if you are looking for a matte polish that doesn't poke holes in your purse check out NYC Matte Me Crazy .
I have tried it and was pleased with the results, I will do a blog about my experience.