Thursday, July 25, 2013

DIY Liquid Sand Manicure

Liquid Sand manicures are becoming increasingly popular with several different nail polish line coming out with their own rendition of said trend. This post will show you how to get your own sand mani using nail polish from your own collection.
For this manicure I used a tutorial found I found on The Daily Varnish (click link for tutorial). I had to however tweak the instruction a lil bit to suit the polish I was using.

Things you will need. 

  1. Polish of you choice
  2. Embossing powder (got mine at Michael). I got snow in order for me to use it with any color but they do have them in a variety of color and can be used without a colored nail polish just a clear one.
  3. Something to catch the excess powder, I used an index card that way I could just fold it and pour the excess back in the jar.
  4. Full tutorial on liquid sand manicure can be seen here

For the Striped nails I painted black and used white striping tape.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Chrissy, you have stolen my heart!
    I am new to nails, having chewed them to the quick for over 50 years(!?!!!), and grew them out to get a gel manicure for Christmas. I stopped chewing, and got a new addiction, gel nails!

    "Everything old is new again," since I am writing this in 2019, many years after the original article, and your recreation!

    Neon yellow was (and is) my first color addiction, and I just got some neon flocking powder. So seeing this photo was SO validating to me!
    Thank you for sharing this all those years ago!